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Manage Audio Messages

Use the Manage Audio Messages dialog to edit the camera's voice messages.

The camera can record, play and manage voice messages. To record voice messages, you can either use your telephone or the camera's integrated microphone.


Alternatively, you can transfer one or more messages recorded by another camera as an audio file via your computer to this camera.

Recording an Audio File Using the Camera

Using the Telephone

The camera calls the telephone number or SIP address you entered so that you can record the voice message. Hang up the phone to stop the recording.

Using the Internal Microphone

To record a voice message, start recording the message using the camera microphone as soon as all LEDs are lighting up. The camera automatically stops the recording after the specified time.


Note that LED signaling will only work if the LED main switch in the LED Setup dialog has been set to Default Configuration or Custom Configuration.

Once the recording is finished, additional options are displayed:

Recording an Audio File Using a Computer

Stored Voice Messages


This section is only available if you already have created and stored at least one voice message.

The name and size of the individual voice messages are displayed in the list. You can execute these actions on each voice message:


The voice message is played back using the camera's speaker.

Call & Play

The camera calls the telephone number entered in Phone Number to Call and plays back the voice message.


Removes the corresponding voice message.

The last line of this section displays information on the amount of storage space that the voice messages are using.

Download Voice Messages


This section is only available if you already have created and stored at least one voice message.

You can download one or several voice messages to archive them on your local computer. In order to select several files, keep the Ctrl key pressed and select the desired files with your mouse.

You can either keep such an archive for backup purposes or upload it to other cameras.

Upload Voice Messages


  • Use the Sound Recorder on Windows systems if you would like to convert audio files in WAV format to other formats. The WAV files on Windows systems usually are PCM format with 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Mono. You will have to convert these files to one of the formats listed above (WAV, A-law or Opus) before you can use them in the camera.

  • On Linux systems, for example, you can use the sox program for converting audio files into one of the compatible formats (WAV, A-law or Opus) listed above.

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